INMA Summit to Focus on Print and Digital Marketplace Success

The tumultuous economics of newspaper publishing are changing the foundations of the industry and there is an intensifying need to grow audience across platforms and prioritize high-value audiences for advertisers. Answering these imperatives, the 9th Annual INMA Summit on Audience Development will bring together best practices in growing audience, readership, and circulation January 21-23 at the Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Working under the theme “Strategies for Success In the Print and Digital Marketplace,” the INMA Summit is an opportunity for circulation and audience development peers from the United States and Canada to take part in a globally diverse and urgent program designed to be relevant to the unique needs of circulation and consumer marketing executives in 2009.

The conference is based around three themes. The first is “Strategy and Emerging Trends,” and speakers’ discussions will center on successful tactics for print and digital marketplace and examine the move from traditional to multi-media.

Experts from companies such as Tribune, The New York Times, The Toronto Star, CanWest Publishing, St. Petersburg Times, and Sun Media Corporation will discuss their visions of the future of print and digital. The conference delves into how print and digital can compliment, rather than compete with each other.

The event also looks at how newspapers are responding to the challenges of a marketplace increasingly sensitive to environmental concerns. Speakers at the conference will discuss how companies are exploring eco-friendly solutions to the industries challenges and adapting “green” technologies and techniques. Publishers are recognizing that sustainability issues have become a growing part of their business strategies.

Issues surrounding the traditional print business will also face examination as one of the themes of INMA’s Summit on Audience Development. An exploration of customer relationship management trends will scrutinize the practical tools that drive repeat business and improve reader retention, and the “touch points” needed to create and grow customer value.

Also coming under discussion are loyalty programs and their effectiveness in driving revenue. How is the return on investment from these strategies measured? Panellists from top newspapers in the United States and Canada explain how best to retain customers, improving marketing efficiency, and continue to generate revenue.

Logistical concerns are also moving front of mind at many newspapers. At a time when cost management is increasingly important, presenters at the conference will speak on discovering solutions toward efficiency gains and optimization of delivery networks that reduce companies’ costs and improve their bottom line.

Meeting some of these challenges may call for a restructuring the traditional newspaper department structure. A radical step taken by publishers is the creation of an audience development department, charged with growing audience and revenue across all platforms. INMA’s Summit on Audience Development will examine the strategies and practices behind the design of these new divisions’ architecture.

Free dailies have become an established medium in more than 50 countries worldwide and have a total joint circulation of more than 40 million copies a day. INMA’s Summit on Audience Development will look at what free dailies can do for publishers in terms of readership – particularly among young readers – and advertising as a result. More than half of free daily circulation is controlled by publishers owning both free and paid newspapers, allowing them to use both media to target audiences.

But with the attention placed on free dailies and sub scri ption sales, is the traditional single copy sale dead or alive? The conference takes a close look at whether this distribution methodology can survive in its present form and the strategies that can be deployed to reduce escalating costs of operation in the face of dramatically declining sales.

The third focus of INMA’s Summit on Audience Development is the hot-button topic of interactive media audiences. Drawing considerable attention is the consortium formed by Yahoo and the publishers of hundreds of newspapers, big and small. Not only an advertising platform, it is the evolution of interactive media use on multiple platforms.

In the interactive media world, what do advertisers and the buying community want in order to make decisions. INMA will examine what quantifies success and the new business metrics for audience metrics, applying the expertise of research experts from NADbank, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the Media Ratings Council in a discussion on how to produce groundbreaking research into advertising and media consumption.

The International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA) is the world’s leading provider of global best practices and marketing ideas for newspaper companies looking to grow amid profound market change. With more than 1,100 members in 82 countries worldwide, INMA produces magazines, newsletters, conferences, reports, awards competitions, and other services to harvest the world’s best ideas to grow audience, revenue, brand, and profitability for newspaper companies. Based in Dallas, the association has offices in New Delhi, Antwerp, and Buenos Aires.

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