INMA Releases 'Newsmedia Outlook' Report

INMA has announced the release of “Newsmedia Outlook 2009: Converting Bandwidth to Innovation,” the association’s eighth annual report on trends, strategies, and value drivers facing the global newsmedia industry in the year ahead.

Written by INMA Executive Director Earl J. Wilkinson, the strategic report explores: How the context of content and the creation of “experiences” are the new value drivers of increasingly commoditised content , The embrace of innovation programmes to help drive transformation, as well as “open innovation” and strategic networking ,The emerging alternative business models that embrace complexity and bundling and Strategic frameworks for confronting a severe economic downturn and pushing forward with cultural change.

What multi-platform lessons from the music, movie, book, and magazine industries can be applied to newspapers and their multi-platform strategies. The report suggests that an economic downturn will accelerate structural market changes in 2009, pinching the already-strained newspaper business model yet providing newsmedia companies the opportunity to accelerate transformational strategies. The 110-page strategic report looks at how these changes will impact newspapers in the year ahead.

“INMA believes newsmedia companies possess the raw assets to transform themselves into multi-platform enterprises, but have been held back by deep-seeded cultural inertia, according to the report, ” an INMA release said.

INMA is the world’s leading provider of global best practices and marketing ideas for newsmedia companies looking to grow amid profound market change. Based in Dallas with offices in New Delhi and Antwerp, the association has 1,100 members in 82 countries worldwide.

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