INgrooves Launches Film Video Division

INgrooves announced today the launch of its INgrooves Film & Video division, which has already signed several high profile content and retailer relationships. The new division, to be headed by President & COO Adam Hiles, will leverage the distribution capabilities of INgrooves’ ONE Digital software platform to automate all administration functions for its film & video clients.

The new division is off and running with over 2,000 films and videos signed from clients including: IndiePix, Media Vision Entertainment Group, Pistol Digital and Capistrano Films. These inaugural clients bring award winning titles like Cocaine Angel, Red Without Blue, Perils in Nude Modeling, Queen: “We Will Rock You” Live in Concert and Musical Visions For The Flatscreen Generation to the digital market. Additionally, INgrooves has signed with several video digital retailers including Akimbo,, Brightcove, Ruckus and VidZone. INgrooves anticipates signing many more content and retailer deals over the next six months as video gains traction in the digital world.

For Bob Alexander, President of IndiePix, INgrooves’ success in the digital music world and their automated in-house distribution platform were instrumental in the selection process. “INgrooves is way ahead in the global syndication of video content for online and mobile platforms,” said Alexander. “Their sophisticated management of deliverables to a wide range of retailers is exactly what we were looking for.”

INgrooves Film & Video is also planning to distribute the content to several of its current music retail partners who are beginning to sell video. This expanding list currently includes iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, AOL Music and MediaNet. Additionally, INgrooves will distribute through multiple mobile outlets including, Mobile Streams, Zingy, Jamster, and Moderati.

“INgrooves is extremely pleased to be adding video distribution to its suite of capabilities and we couldn’t be happier with the initial clients and retailers who have signed on to this new service,” commented Adam Hiles. “Online and mobile video consumption will become a viable commercial business over the next 6 to 12 months and we are ideally positioned to help content owners take advantage of various revenue opportunities.”

Digital video distribution presents many challenges not faced by audio distribution, including the cost of encoding, delivery and storage of the video files. But INgrooves’ ONE Digital platform is the most scalable, flexible and cost effective distribution platform in the media industry and is ready to tackle these impediments head on.

Parent company Isolation Network, Inc. is a digital media infrastructure company that provides distribution and marketing services via its INgrooves and ONE Digital divisions. ONE Digital is a proprietary software platform that provides distribution and administration to large distributors, record labels and film production companies at rates far below the industry standard. INgrooves provides clients customized distribution, marketing, promotion and synch licensing to help maximize the earnings potential of specific releases or catalogues.

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