InfoVision Conference lectures on mobile

International School of Information Management (ISiM) and has announced that they have created their own mobile social network and the InfoVision Conference lectures, being organised between December 17-18 at the Maratha, Mumbai ,will be available on mobile phones.

Organized by International School of Information Management (ISiM) and, this is the third InfoVision Conference after very successful meets in 2005 and 2006.

The InfoVision 2007 Mobile Community, described here, will enable participants to share and collaborate in unique ways. Since the community is accessible over the mobile phone, this interaction can happen in real time even during the conference.

The CellSerf mobile application allows the sharing of multimedia content between users in almost real time. Delegates will be able to exchange video, voice, picture and text messages with the conference community. With the application it is also possible to connect to IM on yahoo, google and MSN, send and receive emails and send and receive multimedia messages.

This is the first time the concept of a mobile community has been implemented anywhere in the world. InfoVision in keeping with its innovative character and this year’s theme is making this cutting edge technology from CellSerf available to its delegates so that the conference can be made an even more enriching experience.

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