Indyarocks To Offer Online and Mobile Videos

Mobile and online social networking portal today announced the launch of its widescreen online video feature powered by its mobile technology.

Dr. Vishnu, Head of strategy said “The widescreen video feature supported by our high end infrastructure provides a perfect experience for online video viewing. As with other media features on Indyarocks, the new widescreen video feature offers in-depth privacy options giving users complete control over their media sharing”.

Indyarocks has been offering free unlimited media storage and sharing capability to all its users through its media center. The media center so far covered photos, blogs, and classifieds. With the new widescreen video feature seamlessly integrated into the Media center, it fulfills a major media storage and sharing requirement of users.

“The new video feature is powered with our mobile technology and allows users to upload and share their videos from their mobile phones instantly” said Kalyan Manyam, Head of India operations. He continued “The video feature is a perfect extension to our mobile platform which already offers free unlimited SMS, mobile blogging and mobile photo upload capability”.

With the adoption of high-end multimedia phones by the masses there will be a huge boost in the user generated content in India. Indyarocks believes its mobile capability will provide a perfect platform for this content to be shared with friends and family across the world instantly. is a mobile and online social networking platform for connecting Indians across the globe. It is the flagship service of PhoneLinx Communications which is based out of San Jose, California and Hyderabad, India. PhoneLinx’s vision is to redefine life on the move.

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