Launches Holistic Health Show, leading women portal by Network 18 is launching India’s First Online Holistic Health Show on with Mickey Mehta, India ‘s leading Holistic Health Guru. The show will address women’s health issues ranging from effectively dealing with stress in working women to menopausal problems. It is primarily targeted at working women who can learn how to enhance their health by going beyond fitness and diet.

To kickstart the Holistic Health series, has scheduled live chat with Mickey Mehta on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The chat will feature readers’ questions about managing weight loss through diet, busting stress through exercise, techniques and tips for glowing skin and how to invoke inner beauty. Mickey will answer these questions between 3 and 4 pm, guiding the readers about changes they need to make in their lifestyle. has also created space for the readers to submit their health queries and it has already been activated.

For the first few Webisodes, the focus will be on issues that are especially relevant to women who are about to get married in the up-coming wedding season. The key focus will be on Guaranteed Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Ageing. Each Webisode will be about 10 minutes during which Mickey will be demonstrating and telling what women need to do step-by-step so that in a few weeks and months, they actually feel a difference in their life. Mickey will also guide the users in learning different types of meditations, swimming and other activities.

” Indian Woman, nowadays face many challenges in their life, be it any role; daughter, wife, mother. Especially the working women who cannot find time in their busy schedule to get a solution of their day to day tribulations. is a perfect place which understands the basic needs of a Woman with a personal touch and we are confident that this initiative will prove a great assistance to the masses, ” Swapna Chidambaram Editor- said.

Apart from the exciting Holistic Health Show, IndiWo will also organise a Holistic Health contest, where the users can share their weight loss secrets / stress-busting secrets and the best reader contribution will win a free consultation with Mickey Mehta.

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