Indian TV content Industry Growing 25 % Every year

India is not only world’s largest democracy and fastest growing economy but also a big electronic media market.There are 350 channels on air at present and 100 are waiting government clearance.According to an estimate India will have 700 television channels by the year 2009.

The numbers of television channels has also widened the ambit of programming . The demand for quality content is on rise as it is the only tool to get noticed and revenue. While 2,50,000 programmes per week are being produced at present ,the estimated number of programmes for 700 channels will be 6, 50,000.

According to Indian Entertainment and Media Industry report of Ficci , Indian TV content industry is worth 1,500 crore rupees. The content industry is expected to grow 25 % every year.

‘It is good to hear the number of channels (700) but this will further swell the competition among the tv channels which are already vying for niche content. India do not require more tv channels but we certainly require channels with healty and constructive content’ A TV professional requesting anonymity said.

According to an estimate, the country will add more regional channels as compared to those having a national audience. This will add to the woes of advertising agencies which will not be able to find eyeballs for the brands . The number of channels will cut the pie and the getting good revenues will be a distant dream.

‘The regional channels are already fighting for their survival as the advertising agencies and brands prefer a media with a national audience. More the channels fewer the chances to earn revenue. Regional channels just survive on local brands and are always fund starved’a Punjabi channel owner said.

Notwithstanding the diminishing national tv audience, the mushrooming of tv channels has created the demand for new tv production houses. Leading tv channels are outsourcing their programmes to these production houses which are busy churning programmes .

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