Indian Government Revises Advertisement Rates

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has enhanced the existing rates for the DAVP advertisements by 24 per cent. The revised rates would be applicable for the advertisements released on or after September 01, 2008. All categories of newspapers and periodicals empanelled with DAVP have been covered under the revised rates.

The revision of advertisement rates was under consideration of the Ministry on the demand of Indian Newspapers Society (INS) for increased rates due to rising newsprint and other costs. The Ministry had taken up the matter with the Ministry of Finance, which has now given its concurrence for the enhancement.

This decision would benefit more than 4000 newspapers and periodicals. The small and medium newspapers, among others, would however be benefiting most as the percentage of advertisements to be released to these categories of newspapers was increased earlier. The percentage of advertisements for small newspapers went up from 10 to 15 per cent and for medium newspapers from 30 to 35 per cent in the changed policy adopted by the Ministry on October 02, 2007.

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