Indian Government Not to Interfere in 'Internal Affairs' of Media Houses

Minister of Information and Broadcasting ,Government of India , P.R.Dasmunsi has expressed concerns about the incidents of manhandling and misconduct with the media persons in India. Dasmunsi in a press statement issued assured the Indian media community that the government will take immediate steps to curb the menace.

“Keeping in view the independence and autonomy of the Media, neither the Government nor the Ministry ever interferes and shall not intervene in the internal affairs or administration of any media house or channel. But the manner in which the eminent Editors have been treated and the rights of media personnel have been reportedly infringed upon is really a matter of great concern for free and fair journalism in the country. Minister has been apprised of the serious allegations including source of channel funding which Minister is not competent to react, and accordingly, has referred the matter to the concerned desk of the Finance Ministry to ascertain the facts through their investigation wing’ Dasmunsi said.

P.R.Dasmunsi appealed to all media channels that whenever any media personnel is engaged on some contract, their contractual terms should be valued and honoured including the financial clauses. Otherwise, hire and fire mechanism shall not provide honour and confidence to the engaged media personnel in the country, wherever they may be.

A delegation of Senior and Eminent Electronic Media Journalists and News Editors of NewsX Channel called on the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, P.R. Dasmunsi, on Friday and explained about the injustice and the shocking treatment being meted out to them by the security staff and other persons and later on they were sacked


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