Indian Government Allows Political Advertisements on All India Radio

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting , government of India has allowed political advertisements on state owned All India Radio (AIR).

“The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has amended the All India Radio Code allowing political advertisements. Accordingly, such advertisements will be allowed to be carried on All India Radio. This would include FM radio also since they too adhere to the AIR Code,” A Ministry spokesperson said on Friday.

Airing of Political advertisements however will be subject to pre-broadcast scrutiny by the Election Commission of India or authorities under the Election Commission of India during the period when model code of conduct is in operation.

The decision to allow political advertisements has come at a time when the state legislative elections are going on in many Indian states including the national capital , New Delhi and will soon be announced in other states . The state owned media is not only facing competition from private players but also facing a resources crunch . Big brands have already announced advertisement cuts after the global financial meltdown . Now Political parties in India are being targeted by the advertisement agencies and media houses to churn revenue.

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