Indian Agencies Dominate PMAA 2010

New Delhi :The North Face capitalised on the burgeoning affluent middle class, post 80’s Chinese who have become increasingly connected with an outdoors lifestyle, creating a new marketing segment for brands and services.

The North Face Company, new to the Chinese Market, introduced its global positioning as the “pioneer outdoor brand” by challenging potential customers to become explorers themselves and using their mobile phones, metaphorically ‘mark their expeditions’ just like real explorers, with their own ‘digital’ Red Flags.

During the 18 day Campaign, developed by OgilvyAction Shanghai, over 650,000 ‘virtual explorers’ planted their Red Flags all over China and The North Face sales grew by over 100% (vs 08).

This was another solid year for the Dragons of Asia and the closeness of the scoring attested to the quality and creativity of the Entries. This year was the first time the Pakistan Marketing Industry entered the PMAA Programme with Bulls Eye Communications winning their first Gold Dragon. This was also the first time a Gold Dragon was awarded to an Agency from Vietnam, Bates 141.

“The quality of campaigns this year far surpassed those of the previous years, in particular the focus on result orientation was prevalent in campaigns across all countries. I also saw that there are more brands in a number of industries which participated reflecting on the fact that promotional marketing is gaining a stronger foothold across segments”………. Ambika Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Jagran Solutions, India.

This year the Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign Category attracted Entries so strong in innovativeness and breakthrough that for the first time, the scoring resulted in two Gold Dragons and two Silver Dragons.
“The entries really showed how Promo campaigns have become more and more engaging for the consumer. The uniqueness of the campaigns and high level of consumer participation has became the success key for the promo campaigns nowadays”………. Elwin Mok, Managing Creative Director, Celsius Creative Communications, Indonesia.

50 Gold, Silver & Bronze Dragon Campaigns are now being adjudicated by the MAA GLOBES International Judging Panel, against the Best of the Best in Promotion Marketing, from Award Programmes run in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Russia, UK and the USA. Winners will be announced globally and at the MAA GLOBES Award Ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel Washington DC, USA, during the Fall Conference of MAA Worldwide, on 19 October 2010.

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