IndiaHotelReview announces new content in continuation of its sustained efforts to popularize off beat places and destinations in India with immense tourist potential announced launching of a new series of articles to help discover and understand a place. Themed as the 10 Best Series it tries to discover a place from the perspective of geography, historicity, cultural snapshots, religious ethos, adventure hotspots, specialty cuisines and the likes. It intends to educate tourists about the familiar yet fragmented aspects of diverse milieus that make up India.

Ankit Rastogi Business Head and Cofounder IHR underlined the significance of the “10 Best Series”.

“In approaching a destination, IHR has held a view which is singularly different from others of the ilk. Unlike others, IndiaHotelReview followed a bottom down approach. Without much fanfare, through our booking engine, Travel Guides, QNA, Newsletter, Visual Tourist Circuits we slowly crept in and targeted those places, which were rarely known beyond the state boundaries. The premise was to make Incredible India truly incredible with a strong local flavor and firmly entrenched to the roots. No wonder these places now figure among the hot sellers thus finding a place under the Sun.”

The idea behind 10 Best Series is very clear. The offering is to track the hidden gems from numerous places across India and spread awareness of these amazing regional attractions in a refreshingly summarized manner. With a little imagination and exploration backed by a strong research and you have a fresh new perspective to look at and elucidate the inherently strong point of various destinations in our land of great depth and diversity.

Thus you have a ‘10 Best Railway Journeys in India’ 10 Best Holy Dips in India to ’10 Best Places to Binge on Sweets in India’. The content goes wackier with ‘Ten Most Grungiest Places in India’ or more conventional like 10 Best Hot springs in India. Articles numbering 20 in the 10 best series are already posted and the content is growing.

“The topics are diverse but the emphasis is on places so as to put whole India under the IHR radar.” Asserts Ankit.

On the concluding note Rastogi says “The goal of the ongoing series is to provide consistent, comprehensive and current information on destinations in the form of little nuggets. A new Article every week and a fascinating overview of 10 Best things to look forward to.”

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