India Today : The Unquestioned Leader

Launched in 1975 , India Today is an Indian weekly newsmagazine published by Living Media India Limited . And in just a few years, it became the leading newsmagazine in the country. Now, with editions in five languages, it has become the most widely read publication in India’a position it has held for over a decade with a circulation of 1.1 million every week and a readership of more than 15 million.

The magazine’s leadership is unquestioned, so much so that India Today is what Indian journalism is judged by, for integrity and ability to bring unbiased and incisive perspective to arguably the most dynamic, yet perplexing, region in the world. Breaking news and shaping opinion, it is now a household name and the flagship brand of India’s leading multi-dimensional media group. India Today asks the most difficult questions and provides the clearest answers.

India Today is also the name of its sister-publication in Hindi. Aroon Purie is its editor-in-chief from 1975, a position he has held continuously for the last three decades. It is part of the India Today group also founded in 1975 and which now includes 13 magazines, 3 radio stations, 4 TV channels, 1 newspaper, a classical music label (Music Today), book publishing and India’s only book club. With the publication of its 30th Anniversary issue in December 2005, the magazine which had commenced publication in 1975 with a circulation of 5000 copies, currently has five editions and a circulation of over half a million copies with a readership of over 20 million.

In March 2009 the news magazine arranged the visit of former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf to the country where he delivered a lecture on the “Challenges of Change”. Musharraf thanked the newspaper for the reception and protocol it had offered him during his trip there. Musharraf also noted that the “trust deficit” between Pakistan and India had increased following the Lahore and Bombay attacks. He also said that the conclave organised by India Today can help address the “trust deficit, misperceptions, distortions and lack of understanding and lack of information”. Musharraf also said conference like those organised by India Today should also be held in Pakistan.

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