India to Add 23 Million Digital TV Households by 2012

An Informa Telecoms & Media study has revealed that nearly 54 million digital TV households will be added in 2007, bringing the global total to 239 million. The 7th edition of Informa’s Global Digital TV report forecasts that digital penetration of TV households will reach 22% by year-end. The North American penetration rate will exceed 68%, with western Europe at 52%. A further 52 million digital homes will be added to the total in 2008.

By 2012, 43% of the world’s TV homes will receive digital signals – or 504 million households. This indicates that digital growth will accelerate as the decade progresses, especially outside North America and western Europe. More than 264 million digital homes will be added to the total between end-2007 and end-2012, which will more than double the total.

China will be a major contributor to this increase by accounting for 60 million of the extra homes. Other significant rises will come in the US (39 million more), Japan (20 million) and India (23 million). These four countries combined will account for 54% of the additional digital households. However, most countries will experience significant additions to their digital household total.

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