Launches Swineflu Guide

Network18’s has launched a rich swine flu information source at, in an attempt to immediately alleviate fears and spread correct and comprehensive awareness about the pandemic that has hit the country and the world in recent times.

The detailed micro site will serve as a one stop source that will provide people with key medical information on swine flu symptoms, prevention and cure, common public doubts, emergency helplines database, tracking of number of cases being detected and treated, and real time news on everything that is being reported on Swine flu. For people looking for more interactivity and information from medical specialists/professionals, the swine flu guide will soon have a panel of doctors on board for live chats/Q&A sessions, thereby providing people quick access to correct and detailed information so they can protect themselves suitably.

The Swine Flu Guide has been taken to the mobile platform as well, with detailed information available to mobile users on WAP at and via SMSing ‘swineflu’ to 51818.

Commenting on this public awareness initiative, Surya Mantha, CEO, Web18 says, “In a time when everyone is trying to get their hands on every source of information about Swine Flu, we decided that there are two key messages that need to be spread. Firstly, do not panic, proper medical attention, if administered quickly, can take care of swine flu patients. Secondly, it is possible to protect yourself by following the right medical advice. This micro site will provide necessary respite to people who are overloaded with false information about Swine Flu as well as be an eye opener to those who are not well informed.”

Since its first emergence in March/April 2009, the swine-origin influenza (H1N1) virus has infected 35,928 people in 76 countries through human-to-human transmission. In India alone there are 782 reported cases of which 511 have been cured as on today.’s Swine Flu Guide aims at bringing more awareness to the people regarding this disease and giving them adequate information to seek immediate help..

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