IFRA’s first Mobile Media Conference in July

The mass adoption of digital technology is irreversibly changing the way we learn, get news, work, have fun or relate with others. And mobile devices are without any doubt the most widespread technology and therefore the most promising publishing and advertising platform for content producers.

How can content producers create a direct relationship with their end users? What will change with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android mobile phone system? Are we ready for mobile advertising? What opportunities exist for content owners in the mobile industry’s growth?

With outstanding speakers from Europe, the USA and Asia’s most advanced countries in mobile publishing (Japan, Korea, etc.), the new IFRA event, “Mobile Media for Content Consumers on the Move” (on 24 and 25 July 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) aims to answer all these questions and many more. It will focus especially on how mobile media platforms can help publishers to increase their reach, gain new audiences, generate new business and diversify their revenues.

Asia’s major telcos, mobile phone manufacturers and key suppliers of the mobile industry are also expected to join the event and to discuss the publishers’ major concerns regarding the future of mobile publishing.

Already on 22 and 23 July, at the same venue, IFRA Asia will celebrate its second Social Media Workshop. Gathering a panel of experts with many years of wide-ranging experience of the different forms of new media, “Social Media: The Future is Here!” offers an in-depth exploration of the hottest issues publishers facing the Social Media phenomenon should address today.

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