IFRA to Organise 'New Advertising Sources' Conference in Paris

IFRA , global research and service organisation for the news publishing industry will organise a two day international conference on advertising in Paris. The conference is being organised on April 8 and 9 April next .

‘The objective of this event is to help newspaper companies to make the best of their advertising potential using online and wireless technologies and to understand this transition.Internet and mobile media are recording the highest growth rates in marketing spend. But the proliferation of new types of web advertising is complicating the task of the media and causing confusion among their sales teams. This conference gives you the knowledge and insights based on experience to position your products, organise your teams and make the most of the advertising potential of businesses that have already adopted a multiple-media strategy for content distribution.’ an IFRA release said.

IFRA (www.ifra.com) is the global research and service organisation for the news publishing industry. With headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, it has acted since 1961 as the platform for decision-makers from the newspaper industry. IFRA offers its services primarily to its more than 3100 members in nearly 80 countries. A Board, comprising publishers as well as central, regional and specialised committees drawn from IFRA member companies, steers the work of the international newspaper community.

This seminar is organised by IFRA South West Europe (SWE: 66, Cours Charlemagne – 69002 Lyon). Contact Sandrine Proton at +33.4.72770595 for all additional information.

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