IFRA , SND Conference on Newspaper Magazine Design

IFRA and the Society for News Design are organising an international conference dedicated to the design of newspapers and magazines, on 27 and 28 May in Paris .

“The influences of new media and the new activities of newspaper companies are rapidly changing the writing for the printed newspaper as well as how that information is being presented. The visual world of readers is infinitely richer than ever before, which in turn raises the expectations they have for the publications they read, ” An IFRA release said.

This event , according to IFRA ,will bring together those who are confronted by the demands of newspaper design on a daily basis. It will examine questions such as: How should newspaper design develop? What are the most interesting initiatives under way today? Do publishers’ media extensions (e.g. web, video) have to match their printed publications?

The conference will take place at the Executive Briefing Center Apple in Paris.

IFRA is the worldwide research and service organisation for the news publishing industry. With headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, it has acted since 1961 as the platform for decision-makers from the newspaper industry. IFRA offers its services primarily to its more than 3100 members in nearly 80 countries.

A Board, comprising publishers as well as central, regional and specialised committees drawn from IFRA member companies, steers the work of the international newspaper community. IFRA’s research work provides the basis for this and results in standardisation projects as well as international and regional exhibitions, conferences, workshops, study tours, training events, Newsplex consulting and international competitions. The IFRA Expo – “the annual event of the news publishing industry” – held at major European venues, is the world’s most important trade exhibition for newspaper companies and their partners.

IFRA Expo 2008 will be held from 27 to 30 October in Amsterdam under the motto “Get the Big Picture!” . IFRA Magazine, the international magazine for newspaper strategy, business and technology, is published in several languages in both print and online versions . IFRA is also running IFRA Search, a vertical search engine for the news publishing industry .

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