Ifra Report on newsroom Trends Released

Ifra has announced the release of three new Special Reports dealing with highly topical subjects. The Ifra reports, obtainable in various languages as print or PDF versions, focus on “The Changing Newsroom”, “Cross-Media Newsrooms” and “Mobile Services”.

The Changing Newsroom: The fundamentals’ provided an overview of changes European publishing houses are currently making to their newsrooms. Many newsrooms are creating new and developing current editorial products across multimedia platforms and working out ways to handle the precarious balance between cost and time with quality, creativity and innovation. This special report, the second in the series, takes this overview of the current climate of change in the newspaper industry to the next level, by looking in detail at four case studies of newsrooms in Europe that are planning and implementing change programmes.

The case studies show different approaches towards implementing change. Some have used incremental approaches such as a gradual increase in multimedia awareness for print reporters. Others have gone for more radical change, for instance headcount reduction, moving to a new building and creating completely new organisational workflows, organisational structures and IT infrastructure.

All four case studies provide an account of some of the most crucial episodes in the histories of these newsrooms. The lessons learnt, strengths and weaknesses will find their way into the last report of this series which provides principles for those wishing to manage change more successfully in their own newsrooms.
The author, Sarah Schantin-Williams, is an Ifra Associate Consultant.

Future consumers will always be “on” regardless of where they are. Mobile devices will become their life companion and personal assistant. Communication will still be the key function, however, information, personal expression and entertainment are some of the needs that will be fulfilled through mobile devices.

Flat fees for data traffic have been launched in several countries, and the mobile development will be similar to that of the fixed Internet – flat fee-based and broadband. This will cause an extension of usage as we have seen with the fixed internet. Thus mobile services have to be part of the strategy of media houses, be it as a return channel for print, as context or location-based services, or as publishing channel for news. There are various possibilities to build up relationships with new customers and to intensify the commitment of existing customers.

This is reason enough for Ifra to give its members an overview about which kind of services media houses are currently looking at, and give insights into their service portfolio, their business models and expectations on how the mobile market can be utilised to the good for newspaper publishers. This report can be seen as a follow-up to an Ifra report on “mobile services” that was published in 2003.

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