IFRA Releases New reports on Print, Visual and Convergence

IFRA has announced the release of two up-to-the-minute reports in its Flashlight series covering the latest developments in the media industry, including mobile web and printcasting. In parallel, two new IFRA Special Reports have been published on the topics of the use of video at magazines and newspapers as well as newsroom reorganisation; a third, bearing the title Innovative Advertising, is at present being completed.

In addition, two further “Where NEWS?” reports have been published: Report No. 7 on The Future of Newspaper Printing Technology and No. 8 on Scenarios of Media Use in Europe and North America in 2017. IFRA research reports are obtainable in different languages as well as in print or PDF versions .

Putting the web in your readers’ pockets“ is one such report which is about convergence.What we love about the web is its vastness. What we love about mobile devices is their smallness. That in essence is the problem faced by web designers and content providers when it comes to reaching an audience on the go. The evolution of mobile phones has seen them go from simple communication devices to must-have personal assistants and entertainment centres. Putting the web in your pocket has been the dream for more than a decade, yet it is only now we are seeing an explosion in mobile web use.

Printcasting report focuses more on localised news gathering .How would you like a means of exploring ultra local news and (very) niche publishing markets without having to invest significant time, resources, or money? What if you could then automate that process so that generating copy, aggregating content, publishing, and distribution all simply took care of themselves? If advertisers could be left to place their own ads and the content providers got an equitable share of the profits? All automatically. And what if the end result was either online or hard copy just as the target market wants? That’s the premise of Printcasting, a technology aimed at bridging the online/offline divide, exploring new publishing sectors, and turning an honest buck in the process.

“Newspapers go video – options and opportunities” report is about the relationship of print and visual media .The increasing availability of broadband connections, whether at home or mobile, allow fast and simple video consumption. This makes integrating video contents an interesting prospect also for newspaper publishing houses. Very few of these have, or had until recently, experience with the moving image medium. Video contents are considered to have a high potential as regards reach and advertising revenues. Consequently, in the last months there have been many impulses to incorporate video contents, either produced outside and/or internally, into existing portfolios. This report is intended as an orientation aid and examines the various aspects of integrating video activities into newspaper publishing houses. What are the options of publishing houses for the production and distribution of moving images? What do the options mean as regards the necessary investments, especially in technology? How do I install journalistic know-how in the newsroom? And last but not least: What are the possibilities to generate income?

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