IFRA Releases Event Calender

IFRA, the worldwide research and service organisation for the news publishing industry, offers a highly diversified programme of conferences and study tours in the second quarter of 2008 (www.ifra.com/events). The focus will be on new developments and latest challenges for the news publishing industry, such as media convergence, cross-media marketing, integrated multimedia newsrooms as well as opportunities and risks of digitisation.

IFRA events – always dedicated to highly topical subjects – act as platforms for experts and specialists from all over the world, the network for information and knowledge exchange as well as the meeting place for the decision-makers in the news publishing industry.

IFRA events calendar from April to June 2008

24 and 25 April: “News in Printing 2008”
in Copenhagen (in German and English).
International experts discuss innovations in the areas of technology, production and management.

15 and 16 May: “Managing Distribution” in Munich
(in English and German).
Distribution is a cost factor, but also a business field offering a wealth of opportunities for the news publishing industry. The focus at “Managing Distribution” will be on latest IT solutions, process optimisation and new business models.

20 May: “Digital Trend Day” in Amsterdam
(in cooperation with INMA – in English).
Mobile is one of the hottest digital issues for newspaper publishers. This one day conference focuses on successful mobile services and shows how to get revenue from the mobile channel.

27 and 28 May: “Design for newspapers and magazines”
in Paris (in English and French).
Latest trends and developments in design – online and offline – are presented and put into practice during the following Workshop.

22 to 28 June: Study Tour “Multimedia Newsrooms
in Europe” (in English).
Participants in this study tour gain insights into how classical publishing houses throughout Europe have become modern multimedia media operations.

23 to 25 June: IFRA Forum at Publishing Expo
2008 in Moscow (in English and Russian).
IFRA will be represented for the second time with the IFRA Forum at Publishing Expo in Moscow – the leading event for the Russian newspaper and magazine industry.

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