IFRA Receives 56 Entries for 'cross-media Awards'

IFRA has announced that it has received 56 entries for Cross Media Awards .The entries have been received from 56 different publishing houses of 27 countries. The focus this year is on the cross-media advertising business, with prize winners in three categories: Cross-media campaigns for individual advertising customers, cross-media classified ads, and cross-media communities for special interest groups that serve as a platform for new advertiser target groups.

“Having looked through the projects now for the first time, we are absolutely enthusiastic about this year’s entries”, says Michael Heipel, project leader of the IFRA XMA Cross Media Awards and jury member. “The creativity applied at the publishing houses worldwide to avail of the possibilities of new media channels for advertisers is astounding. The connection of the print and online channels can now nearly be described as “traditional”. But many projects go much further and include mobile services, out-of-home media as well as audiovisual elements. Especially exciting are the projects that incorporate local and regional events and therefore highly emotional communication platforms for their customers.”

At present the projects are in the process of being evaluated by the international XMA Awards jury. The following criteria are being examined in the evaluation: basic idea, creativity and innovation, success of the projects, combined use of print and online as well as the incorporation of additional channels, such as mobile, out-of-home, events or TV/Radio.

The media convergence competition is being organised for the third time. All projects offer the possibility to learn from successful projects in other countries and to adapt good ideas. This year’s winning projects will be presented at IFRA Expo 2008 in Amsterdam in a special exhibition from 27 to 30 October .

IFRA XMA Cross Media Awards 2008 are sponsored by Adobe and Protec and supported by Atex, Funkinform and Nstein. The official publication is IFRA Magazine, media partner is Horizont.

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