IFRA October Expo to Focus on Convergence

IFRA Expo which is being organised in Amsterdam between 27 and 30 October 2008 will focus on Convergence… Beyond the newsroom. By choosing this phrase full of meaning, Protec’s aim is to keep stressing the paramount importance of convergence for the future of the media sector in both the short and medium term. Its vision is totally global, not limited just to newsrooms, but linked instead to a way of doing business, of the media company as a whole.

Media companies currently have the perfect opportunity to take a qualitative step forward. Faced with the appearance of new media, news companies must decide whether to get on board the train, or remain standing on the platform, anchored to the past and to the “old” ways. This is the where convergence plays a vital role, as the element capable of bringing together all parts of a company with a view to modernising, saving costs, and optimising resources.

With all this in mind, Protec has added new functionalities to all of its solutions. All of these can be summed up in the idea that the medium in which the news item is to published does not determine the way in which this will be edited. For this to be possible, it is essential to have a single work interface for all the media in which the story may be published. Convergence therefore becomes reality, since all media can be edited simultaneously. A journalist may be working on his article for the print edition and may, if he so wishes, add whatever he considers appropriate to the web edition without this meaning any additional work.

One of media companies’ current priorities must be to achieve a level of quality that makes them stand out from the rest, within the swamp of competing voices that now exist. In this context, citizen journalism is a highly important element, since the reader can participate through options such as rating and commenting on the news items published. Protec has designed functions that allow the journalist, in an easy and intuitive manner, to control and maintain an adequate level of involvement in this area. This means moderating readers’ comments on published items, a task which the journalist can carry out in a totally integrated manner, enabling a certain level of quality to be maintained, thus safeguarding the brand image of the media in question.

And since the philosophy behind convergence is to treat media companies as global entities, with all different media integrated, Protec now also includes the MILENIUM Radio/TV editor in the same interface as MILENIUM Editor. Communicative integration is therefore taken to a higher level with a view to facilitating convergence, which has become the “must-have” model.
Without doubt, this new edition of the IFRA will mean another step forward in the rapid process of change which the media sector is currently experiencing. And Protec will be there, demonstrating the new functionalities that confirm that its commitment to convergence as the best possible model is stronger than ever

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