IFRA lists news publishing Challenges

In today’s newspaper publishing environment, leaders face an increasingly complex world in which rapid change is the norm. In a period of uncertainty, asking questions and framing scenarios will give leaders confidence going forward. IFRA offers on 25 June 2009 in London the unique international conference “Managing the Crisis” especially for news publishing leaders.

This event is the best occasion for CEOs, Managing Directors and Senior Executives in the news publishing sector to see how they can help the industry to survive and thrive during these challenging times.

Topics to be discussed will be: How does the crisis affect society? , Making the right decisions in difficult situations , How are successful organisations acting during the current crisis? How do CEOs develop a corporate culture of constant innovation? Rebuilding trust and motivating staff after a major cost cutting. How to create a profitable future? How can companies become more adaptive and resilient? Why newspaper publishers should continue to invest as their audiences continue to change?

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