IFRA Gives Final call for Cross-media Advertising Registration

Registration for the IFRA XMA Cross Media Awards 2008 competition ends on 30 June. IFRA has advised interested newspaper publishing houses to register via the IFRA website (www.ifra.com/xma) and enter their projects for this topic “Cross-media Advertising”.

“The innovative combination of print and digital offers newspaper houses new possibilities to reach the target groups of their advertising customers more effectively. This year’s IFRA XMA competition honours the worldwide best concepts and ideas in this still new area of activity”, says Dr. Dietmar Schantin, Director of IFRA Newsplex.

Our society is changing continually. Different media consumption habits and new channels require innovative ways to approach consumers. To get advertising messages across, it is therefore increasingly important to serve all media channels that the target audience uses – in an aimed and structured way. The aim of the XMA 2008 competition is to select the best examples of combining different print, online and mobile channels used to bring the advertisers’ message across.

Newspapers and media houses are invited to enter their corresponding projects that were, or are still being realised during the period between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2008. Entries for the IFRA XMA Cross Media Awards 2008 can be submitted online up to 30 June 2008 at www.ifra.com/xma. The prizes will be awarded in these categories: (1) Cross-media campaigns for individual advertising customers.(2) Cross-media classified ads (combination of print, online and mobile channels).(3) Cross-media communities for special interest groups that serve as a platform for new advertiser target groups.

A jury comprising international newspaper and media experts will evaluate the entries. The XMA prize winners will be announced in October at IFRA Expo 2008 in Amsterdam, where their entries will be displayed at a special XMA presentation.

The media convergence competition is being held for the third time. All previous projects on the topics of “Football World Cup” (2006) and “Communities” (2007) are described in detail in IFRA’s XMA database , where they can be viewed to serve as a guide for participation in the current competition.

The IFRA Cross Media Awards 2008 competition is sponsored by Adobe and Protec, with the support of Funkinform, nStein and Polopoly. Media partners are IFRA Magazine and Horizont.

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