IFRA Announces Training Programmes for News Publishing Industry

IFRA, the worldwide research and service organisation for the news publishing industry, presents its programme of training events for 2008 and 2009. IFRA offers about 40 training events for Editorial ,Design and concept,Production,Quality assurance, and Management and business development.

For twelve years, IFRA Training events have been the first choice for training in the news publishing industry. The record registration of more than 1000 participants from 20 countries last year clearly demonstrates that there is a growing need for qualified personnel. IFRA’s objective is to provide its members and clients not just with the latest skills that they need in the rapidly changing media world, but also to guarantee a high-quality learning experience.

In advance of the training, IFRA contacts the participants to define which aspects the training should cover, to find out about the specific conditions and processes at the operation concerned, e.g. products, technical equipment and work processes, as well as to determine the basic and specialised knowledge of the personnel to be trained.

All of the IFRA trainers are highly skilled experts from the newspaper industry who were selected on the basis of their specialised and international experience as well as their practice-orientation.

IFRA also offers on-site company training. This is the ideal way to ensure that several colleagues simultaneously reach the same level of knowledge and to jointly develop company-specific processes in an aimed manner.

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  • Praveen Shinde

    We want to know the list of training programme for Newspaper Industries employees or any annual training calender released by you specially for Print Media employees.


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