IDLDPL Revenue Touches Rs.100 crore Mark

India Digital Life Style Distributors Pvt. Ltd.(IDLDPL), one of the fastest growing IT and Lifestyle Products’ distribution companies in India, has expressed intent of becoming an Rs.100 Crore company in 2008.

IDLDPL represents the largest portfolio of digital lifestyle products -gadgets and gizmos from world-class vendors including Sony, Pentax, Creative, ELECOM, YES, Lacie, Parrot, Canon, Panasonic, ASUS, and Satguide in India.

Started barely one year back, this distribution company has set a bench mark by tying up with a number of global technology leaders. IDLDPL believes in nurturing long term associations with its clients worldwide by providing them quality products, prompt service and timely deliveries.

As the Indian market is maturing, IDLDPL is focusing enormously on high-demand value products for example Asus PDA products and Creative MP3 players. On occasions, when the pricing of the mobile phones have decreased, the users have always wanted to move up the value chain and buy PDA phones. IDLDPL, being responsive to the Indian market, has foresightedness this trend and enabled the consumers with the best World Class choice.

On the other hand, MP3 players have actually been a massive hit in India. Every school and college goers are seen using MP3 players not only for entertainment but also as a tool for their studies. So to cater this, IDLDPL has a wider choice of Creative Zen range of Players and YES MP3 players. Also looking at the Indian consumer behaviour point of view, it has targeted these players at a very affordable price so that it is even a middle man’s cup of tea. The quality of these brands is compared to world class and should not be compared to Chinese products. Indeed the complete range is available for different consumer’s options and preferences.

IDLDPL has pioneered to get the technologically advanced and useful products. As Digital Photo Frames have started gaining momentum, IDLDPL has brought in YES Branded products and has launched various innovative marketing strategies to promote the entire portfolio of products. The company has also launched a variety of fashionable Elecom earphones, carry cases, mostly to the liking of the ladies. Other than this, under ELECOM brand different IT accessories have also been introduced like wireless mouse, arm rest, screen privacy filter, etc. Similarly, looking to the growing accident cases in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, IDLDPL has brought in a wide range of Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits as these are the must for the car users, who love to chat on the wheels. Recently it has envisaged the relationship with SatNav satellite navigation products, which it thinks has a huge potential in India in near future.

Since IDLDPL has offered these innovative products at a very aggressive price point, there has been growing demand from various corners of the country from a wide range of customers and partners. Therefore, IDLDPL has really increased its presence across the country in order to cope with the growing sales opportunity in the country.

Considering its pan-India presence, it has 11 billing points all over India and offices in six cities including New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai across the country. IDLDPL has appointed C&F agents in other areas where it doesn’t have a direct presence.

“I am very delighted that our company is efficiently being popularized as a preferred Vendor. We are planning for new Brands as well as new product categories, road maps and pricing etc. as it will help us in spreading the reach as well as growing the network. With our range of products we have already been earmarked as a Lifestyle Oriented Brands Distributor thus being different from any other company in India. We have succeeded in our main objective to sell Next Gen Technology products & appeal the masses. In order to manage our growth, we are increasing the headcount from 60 to 100 this year,” K. S. Sachar COO , IDLDPL said.

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