IDEA launches 'Walk When You Talk' campaign

IDEA has planned a range of on-ground and digital activities around the theme of Walk & Talk, to mobilize people across different walks of life, age-groups and societies and get them to walk for fitness. IDEA plans to initiate a countrywide movement on Walking & Talking, and expects that ‘Ek Idea pe chal padega India’ .

IDEA has recently released its new TVC which shows its Brand Ambassador Abhishek Bachchan playing a Doctor this time, who discovers how people can get fit by simply ‘Walking while Talking’ and advocates this idea to the general public. While responding to a journalist’s query on whether technology was making people lazy and unfit; the Doctor responds by saying that people can be fit by just ‘Walking & Talking’. Soon, this message sweeps the country through TV, making it a mass movement.

According to Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular “IDEA brand campaigns have always celebrated Champion Ideas which have the power to change the society and the way we live. This time, the Champion Idea is around ‘Walking & Talking’ for staying fit. The communication has been designed to appeal to the masses and classes, on a critical subject such as Health & Fitness. We expect the new theme campaign to initiate a wave of awareness on fitness, across the country.”

IDEA’s new campaign suggests that if ‘Talktime’ equals ‘Walktime’ for mobile users, their fitness scores can go up. IDEA has planned a range of innovative Outdoor and Digital initiatives as well, on this campaign.

IDEA campaigns have been fresh and imaginative and carry a touch of social relevance while exploring the power of category. ‘IDEA has recently released its new TVC is fifth in the series of IDEA’s brand campaigns with its Brand Ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan. The preceding campaigns around ‘Participative Governance’; ‘Education for All’; ‘Championing a world in which no one suffers from the disability to communicate’; and ‘Championing a world without Caste’ have been huge hits amongst the audiences, making its tagline ‘What an Idea, Sirji!’ a popular metaphor.

The new campaign has been developed by IDEA’s creative agency, Lowe.

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