Idea launches 'Dada' campaign to catch East Indian audience

After an excellent consumer response to Idea Mumbai Indians campaign, comes IDEA’s latest offering in digital space in the form of a virtual character called ‘Dada’. Dada’s apparent resemblance with a person hailing from East India is a deliberate attempt to create visibility for IDEA amongst the youth community on the internet, as the company rapidly expands its operations in the eastern parts of the country. Dada’s apparent speech impediment, which either comes naturally or is caused by the ever-present beetle nut leaf in his mouth, instantly connects with audience from the East.

The viral film revolves around theno-win situation ‘Dada’ is faced with in Orissa, and the subsequent transformation that he undergoes – thanks to an ‘idea’ that he gets! IDEA has created a portal which will carry interesting stories about Dada.

In the first film, Dada plays a Tour Guide who is not well aware abouthistory, current affairs, and general informationabout the city of Puri in Orissa, but makes up for it with his affable nature.

Launching the first viral in the digital space, Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular said, “We are hopeful that the beloved character of Dada will engage a large number of people in the digital space, thus helping us gain mindshare and establish connect with our TG.

“We see the digital space as a good way to engage with the youth, and expect to create strong connect”, added Mr. Shrivastava.

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