ID to air new investigation series on crime

Domestic Investigation Discovery logo. Uploaded June 2014.ID-Investigation Discovery will air thrilling stories of murder and investigation told from the victim’s perspective in its new series I Was Murdered .

Every story in the series is based on a real murder and the investigation that followed the crime. The series gets its unique style and tone from the fictionalized, yet fact based first-person narration in the voice of the victim. He or she doesn’t reveal the killer; instead the viewer must decode the mystery with the clues provided by investigators, family and friends.

Each episode is devoted to one real murder, with the fictionalized narration of the victim recounting the facts of the case from beyond the grave. Every story reveals various aspects of the case from the victim’s perspective. While the all-seeing narrator knows who was responsible, the series creatively allows viewers to piece together the identity of the culprit based on clues from investigators, family and friends.

I Was Murdered airs from Monday to Friday at 11:30 pm only on ID.


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