ID Media partners ShopText for Mobile SMS Advertising

ID Media, the largest direct and digital media services company in the U.S., has formed a preferred vendor relationship with ShopText, an interactive service that allows consumers to receive information, coupons and shop via mobile phone.

The partnership will allow clients to take advantage of utilizing a mobile SMS call-to-action (e.g., text “ShopText” to 467467) with unique financial benefits. They can test the viability of this new type of response mechanism on a cost-per-response, cost-per-lead and cost-per-redemption basis. According to Josh Martin, VP/Director of Emerging Media for ID Media, this is likely the first time a buy model based on a qualified lead–like a redeemed coupon–has been developed in the SMS space.

“This relationship allows us to gain valuable learning to propel our clients’ results into the future, while minimizing today’s financial risk for testing new media opportunities and technology,” said Josh. “It allows us to enhance our offerings to our clients and help generate the best ROI for their media campaigns.” He added, “We think more and more consumers will opt to respond to advertising via texting rather than calling a toll-free number or going to a Web site. It’s especially convenient for the ‘on-the-go’ consumer and can save marketers money.”

ShopText’s pay-for-performance model eliminates the financial risk of testing a mobile SMS call-to-action. “It’s very easy — if you’re a smart marketer — to compare results and ROI to traditional media,” Martin said. “Our relationship with ShopText allows our clients to meet or beat traditional media performance that we have been measuring. This in essence guarantees them efficient ROI.”

ShopText’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Lichstein said, “In this economy, anyone running ads should want to get more value and have clear insight into what media is working best. ShopText can improve response by five to ten times over traditional direct response mechanisms. We also know consumers are very comfortable providing information via text with approximately 85 percent of first-time users completing the process.”

While SMS mobile advertising has the strongest appeal for the younger consumer, ShopText already works with major consumer packaged goods, such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Campbell’s and Unilever to distribute coupons and free samples.

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