iCrossing Creates Social Media Campaign For EMBARQ

iCrossing, a global digital marketing company, has announced the results of “48 Seconds,” a branded YouTube channel and video submission contest to build awareness of EMBARQ’s high speed Internet service while connecting with customers via social media channels.

Based on the premise that 48 seconds is the amount of extra time it takes to download an average web page with dial-up Internet as opposed to EMBARQ high-speed internet, the contest encouraged people to post and share videos showing what they can do in that amount of time.

iCrossing created the brand identity, YouTube template and video scripts for the contest. The site architecture, creative and copy was based on extensive market research, delving into the online behavior of YouTube users and potential EMBARQ customers. To further support the contest, iCrossing implemented display advertising, natural search optimization and paid search campaigns.

In conjunction with the launch of the contest, iCrossing also began a social media campaign to build buzz and word-of-mouth advocacy among multiple online niches. This helped drive awareness and video submissions for the ’48 Seconds’ contest, while also laying the foundation for future campaigns and customer content.

At the close of the contest in mid-November, 281 video submissions had been received (148 accepted and posted) and the channel generated more than 170,000 views.

“The site design, search, creative and social media components of this campaign are all designed to connect with users across multiple online channels,” said Edmund Wong, senior vice president, strategy, iCrossing. “We’ve been monitoring the online buzz since the contest began and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“We created the 48 Seconds Video Contest as a fun way to connect with our customers,” said Dan Alcazar, Consumer Marketing Officer, EMBARQ. “iCrossing’s understanding of the technical challenges and insight into how consumers use social media channels helped make the project a success. It exceeded our expectations.”


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