IComm Central Launches Just for Women Portal

IComm Central has announced the launched mMyself.com a just for women portal. This portal is dedicated to women and allows visitors to Shop their Private items, manage their Health & Wellness Activities, Express their heart out and, Enlighten them by getting Expert Advises. It offers privacy, choice and convenience of shopping in multiple ways. Apart from shopping, this website also opens up a different world of freedom of expression in a private space concentrating solely on women’s thoughts, perception, health and well being by offering blogs, various tracking tools, health reminders, expert counseling and reading materials.

“How bold are we yet, even at the mid of 2008 when women are moving so ahead and many of them are on the top of the world? How many women in our daily lives, go to Intimate wear counters in stores, and discuss lingerie the way they discuss everything else? Do we really go to a chemist shop and ask for a packet of emergency birth control pills so easily. You can surely find a girl roaming around a chemist shop and waiting until she sees no male customers around there. There are so many unwanted results out of inhibitions; of not buying and using a protection. Many times – you want something really important and you compromise with your wishes and needs out of inhibitions and many societal issues. There was this need for their ultimate freedom to buy anything they want and the way they want,” said Navin Pandey, CEO, mMyself.com

He adds “We aim to offer everything which is private and intimate to Indian women. When we say private, we also make sure we ship their orders discreetly. And not just shopping – we are preparing a platform for them to keep well informed, planned and express themselves. We have many more exciting women centric plans to launch in future. We will unveil them as they mature and worked out”.

Meenu Sharma, Manager – Customer Experiences, reveals “We are motivated with very satisfactory feedback we received from all our customers in our test run. From a remote area in Assam to somewhere deep down in south India, we experienced happy and content customers everywhere”.

Speaking on the occasion, Richa Katara, Head – Product Management said, “We have categorized these products on our website in such a way that it is easy for visitors to quickly find things they want to buy. We are one of those very few Indian shopping websites to display multiple detailed images and have an exact Size/Color selection tool straight from our available inventory”.

mMyself.com is an eCommerce unit of IComm Central a technology firm specializing in providing eCommerce technical and back-office services. Based in New Delhi, It is backed by a global technology company, Paragon IT Services Pvt. Ltd with its 100 people working in New Delhi and many more across the globe in North America and Europe.

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