ICE Online Launches Revolutionary Online Ad Widget

ICE Online (Interactive Commerce Exchange), a technology company focused on the interactive ad space, announces the creation of a new revolutionary interactive online banner ad widget, the ICE AdWidget(TM). The patent pending technology behind ICE will now allow for the online shopping experience to occur anywhere an advertiser advertises on the web.

The ICE AdWidget is the first no-redirection traveling ad widget of its kind where the online ad serves the widget rather than the more commonly experienced ad branded widget. The ICE AdWidget is also the first web-based widget that is fully accessible on any HTML-capable mobile device.

“ICE’s AdWidget technology is true widget technology and actually moves the whole interactive ad space game forward,” explains ICE Co-founder and President, Tony Hilton. “Our next phase of development includes the ability to buy directly from advertisers through the AdWidget, all of which is very exciting and, again, a game changer.”

With a simple click of the mouse, The ICE AdWidget turns any online banner ad into a fully interactive mini micro website without redirection. Through the microsite, users can download coupons as well as additional promotional materials such as wallpapers, ringtones, icons, screensavers and pamphlets. The widget also has a viral marketing capability, allowing for a user to send the widget, the coupon and the pamphlets to any email address or personal mobile devise.

The advertiser simply attaches ICE’s widget code to any of their selected ads in order to enhance them with ICE’s interactive service. The ICE AdWidget is a standardized code string that is provided to advertisers for their own ad integration.

Once tagged to an ad, the ICE AdWidget travels with the ad wherever it goes, and however it is published on the web, even through third party advertising servers and networks. Advertisers don’t need to conform their creative to the widget, and the widget doesn’t require a learning curve to implement. Simply snag the ICE widget code, tag it to whatever ad is selected, enabling the ICE enhancement, and then publish the ad wherever and with whatever chosen service: “Snag, Tag and Publish”.

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