ibibo launches 'Mumbai Underworld' on Android phones

The dons of Mumbai will now play havoc in your palm as ibibo.com’s flagship social game Mumbai Underworld is now made available on Android phones. Users can now download the game from the Android market place on their mobile phones for free and play with their friends on ibio.com and Facebook. This follows the recent launch of India’s biggest multiplayer game ibibo TeenPatti on Android, and which is now one of the top games in its category in the Android market place.

Rahul Razdan, President – Products & Operations, ibibo web (p) Ltd, says, “We are extremely happy to extend our most popular social game, Mumbai Underworld, to the Android platform. The Android platform is the fastest growing mobile platform globally, as well as in India. With this development game players will be able to carry on their existing game to their Android phones as well. We expect a great response not only from the users but from other partners in the mobile space as well. We have some very exciting developments coming up in the world on mobile gaming shortly.”

Mumbai Underworld is one of ibibo’s flagship games which has been able to garner popularity among the users mainly because of the innovative game play and newer properties added to it. People ‘loot’, buy illegal properties and establish their criminal empire by being the biggest ‘hooligan’. In this game, you get to live your life as an underworld don. You start with your own dance bar in Andheri and your own paan shop. You get to hire dancers in your bar and use the paan shop to sell illegal stuff as a means of earning money. Your objective is to expand your underworld links and control all the illegal activities. To make money, a gamer can kidnap another don (another gamer) and demand ransom. You can also buy ammo, set fire or plant a time bomb in the course of the game.

Keeping in sync with the real life incidents ibibo.com has always upgraded its social games and introduce new features that reflects reality. Providing users a chance to express their emotions through social gaming, ibibo has introduced games that allow user to express their feeling and emotions on the online platform.

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