ibibo Introduces Exciting Flavour to Social Gaming

New Delhi: ibibo.com introduces the concept of social gaming to Indian internet users. Social games on ibibo.com are being built with the vision of connecting India through the concept of casual, fun and highly localized games. With a rich catalogue that ranges from word or text based games to role playing games to concept games, ibibo social games are unique and clearly differentiated with a distinct local flavor and twist.

According to Rahul Razdan, Head of Gaming and Communication for ibibo.com, “Social Gaming is a relatively new concept where users play online games with their friends. ibibo’s social gaming with a local tinge is an endeavor to replicate day to day issues and bring together Indian audiences by blending local nuances into the gaming environments. Here results-n-rewards are real time, continuous and evolving.”

The ibibo Farm Game [www.play.ibibo.com/ibibofarms] has become a huge rage with the youth and this gaming format is gaining quick traction with online audiences across India. The ibibo Farm Game takes India to its roots where users play the role of farmers. Each user manages and owns a piece of land, grows crops, harvests crops and earns virtual money. Players aspire for the top leader board position within their online social graph. About 28,000,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables have been harvested till date, 410,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables are harvested every day, daily 80,000 eggs are produced and about 38,000 buckets of milk our produced on the ibibo Farm game.

The most interesting aspect of the game is the surreptitious stealing of crop from friends’ farms- the fun aspect of the game! A staggering 82000 fruit and vegetables are stolen everyday from friends’ farms on the ibibo farm game.

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