HUL Launches Ponds 7 Day Challenge Campaign

Pond’s Age Miracle, the anti ageing line with breakthrough technology, is bringing about miracles in countries across Asia with its promise of visible reduction in wrinkles and age spots in just seven days. Its latest campaign in India the “7 day challenge with Money back guarantee” invites consumers to select Pond’s counters throughout the country to buy the Pond’s Age Miracle day cream (50ml).Consumers can try the product and if unsatisfied with the results then they can return the cream and get their money back.

The 7 day challenge campaign with money back was kicked off in all the major metros on 1st September and is valid till 20th Oct. The offer is supported by a massive multi media campaign aimed at reaching women across different markets.

In the anti ageing market category, this 7 day challenge campaign is a truly unique offering from Ponds age miracle, something that has never been done before. It underscores the strong belief that Ponds has in its revolutionary anti ageing line to deliver effective results for the Indian woman.

The power ingredient behind Pond’s age miracle is CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – a natural, non-irritant first discovered by Pond’s in 1996. For the past 9 years, this wonder ingredient was intensively researched by Ponds Institute, to make it suitable for Asian skin. CLA helps reverse the signs of aging by stimulating the production of skin repair from deep within the layers of the skin. It is the key that opens the door to younger, radiant and more youthful-looking skin in 7 days .

In short, CLA kick starts the skin to become active again and repairs skin where the core aging processes have occurred. CLA helps reduce the appearance of age spots, outer cells are rejuvenated whilst the renewal rate of new baby skin cells increases. It also combats fine lines and deep-seated wrinkles and the support network to skin provided by collagen, decorin and elastin are enhanced, providing a better cushion for the skin’s surface.

Pond’s age miracle has been specially formulated for Asian skin and it is effective in rejuvenating from deep within the layers of skin to bring newer, fresher cells to the skin’s surface, resulting in a younger and smoother complexion.

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