How Tags boost digital Marketing

Set of sale tickets, labels, stamps, stickers, corners, tagsTime- and money-saving are constantly top of mind for marketers, and tag management can help improve both, according to January 2015 polling by Econsultancy in association with Tealium, a tag management system provider, reports

Among digital marketers in North America who had implemented a tag management service—which enables the placement of a single tag of code, replacing multiple tags on a page—nearly eight in 10 said it had improved the speed of running marketing campaigns, with the majority of that group saying the process was “significantly faster.”

This means marketers can spend less time manually entering tags and more time focusing on results. Indeed, respondents cited better campaign measurement, improved return on investment and increased revenues as the biggest benefits of using tag management services. Being able to track the progress and metrics of campaigns meant such services allowed for better optimization as well.

Primary websites were the most popular channel for using tags, cited by 62% of digital marketers. However, Econsultancy reported that marketers were starting to cast a wider net, pointing to mobile as one area seeing growing interest. Three in 10 respondents used tags on mobile websites, while one-quarter used them on mobile apps. Of course, those percentages are still low compared with No. 1 websites, but as more marketers see returns from mobile tagging, usage will likely jump.

Those who were using tag management services for mobile marketing had indeed seen success, as more than three-quarters reported that the effect had been positive. Still, the large majority of this group said the impact had only been “somewhat positive,” indicating room for improvement during these early days.

Earlier polling by Econsultancy in association with Teradata found that tag management was set to see an increase in spending, though not too rapidly. According to the August 2014 study, just under three-quarters of marketers worldwide intended to invest in tag management systems over the next two years. However, only 19% said they would evaluate these in less than 12 months, while the remaining 54% planned to check out tag management systems in 12 to 24 months. In all, 53% ranked the technology as a top (20%) or high (33%) priority.

Marketers looking to save time and money—so, pretty much all of them—should consider jumping on the bandwagon and investing in tag management.


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