How Blogs Influence Branding,Purchases and Recommendations

Bloggers, from hobbyists to professionals, often write about brands, and
their growing influence should make brand representatives continually
evaluate the relationships they have with these bloggers.

Most bloggers write about brands in some way or another. According to
the “State of the Blogosphere 2011” report from blog directory website
Technorati, 38% of all bloggers post about brands that they love or hate
and 34% write product or service reviews. Professional full-time
bloggers or part-time professional bloggers who write as a way to
supplement their income are more likely to blog about brands than their
hobbyist, corporate or entrepreneur counterparts.

Bloggers are increasing in their influence over readers and other
bloggers. Last year’s Technorati “State of the Blogosphere” reported
that 29% of bloggers are influenced by other blogs they read. This year,
that number jumped to 68%.

As bloggers gain influence and write about brands, the relationships
between blog writers and brand representatives are important for
companies to focus on. Most bloggers have a good relationship with brand
representatives. Nearly half of all bloggers (49%) characterized their
interactions with such representatives as somewhat or very favorable.
Only 3% said their interactions were not at all favorable. However, 40%
of all bloggers said they didn’t know how to characterize their
interactions with brand representatives.

This large group of unsure respondents could have mixed feelings about
the communications they receive from these brand representatives,
affecting their relationships with the reps and their brands. Of all
bloggers, 17% said brand representatives had asked for things that would
compromise the credibility or content standards of the blog. This is
roughly the same percentage of those that said the representatives were
knowledgeable about their blogs and content (14%), are genuinely
interested in building a relationship (16%) and provide information that
has value for readers (23%).

As bloggers continue to grow in influence, their coverage of brands and
their interactions with brands’ products, services and employees will be
of greater interest to companies. Brand representatives who connect
with bloggers must be sure to work with these writers to keep the
relationships thriving.

Source: eMarketer

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