'Hot Web Sites' magazine Looking For Exciting Web Sites

Merit Advertising Network has opened the door to streamlined advertising for both Internet and traditional businesses.

Joan Cox, president of Merit Marketing Group and founder of Merit Advertising Network, is actively seeking exciting web sites to spotlight in the new “Hot Web Sites” magazine.

Joan said, “The majority of web sites have never been seen by the public. There are just too many web sites to view them all, so we want to show off the most unique, interesting and exciting web sites we can find.’Hot Web Sites’ magazine will spotlight a great variety of Internet web sites and will provide maximum exposure for web site owners. The magazine is an important part of the launch of Merit Advertising Network.

“A consultant who advises Internet Marketers who need to monetize their web sites said to me, ‘Mrs. Cox, you have something that’s “white hot”; you have what my clients are looking for, a way to easily and economically reach the offline market.’

“His comment came after seeing the two new, free publications we are launching January 2009. When he saw the ‘Hot Web Sites’ magazine was a free publication and could reach the ‘untapped’ market they were wanting to reach, he was astounded.”

The companion coupon book “Explosion of Savings” satisfies the need for “recession relief” during the economic downturn.

People become innovative in the way they use coupons. An office manager in a law firm sent out an email to the employees. The subject line said, “$ave $ome Bucks at Lunch!” She wrote, “There is a blue folder on the kitchen table in the back where I am placing coupons for local restaurants. Feel free to use them to save some $$ at lunch. If you run across any coupons in the mail or paper that you would like to add to the stash, feel free to do that also.”

Joan said, “We know both of our free publications are geared to the public’s needs. It’s exactly the foundation that we wanted for our members at Merit Advertising Network. We have much more in store for our members in the future.”

Merit Advertising Network has streamlined advertising to take away frustration, agitation and fears for the future of both online and offline businesses. Advertising is the “life blood” for a business and doing it right makes them profitable.

Merit Advertising Network’s goal is to better serve its advertising clients by creating avenues of marketing that will strengthen their current traffic flow and access a new consumer base in the opposite traffic stream.

“Merit Advertising Network has produced the first phase to merge the mainstream of traffic flow from both online and offline businesses to benefit all members of the network,” said Joan.

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