HNTB Launches Think magazine

This week the HNTB Companies launched a new publication — THINK magazine — to serve as a forum devoted to exploring the complex opportunities and challenges of developing our nation’s infrastructure.

With the theme “Intelligent Infrastructure,” the premiere issue of THINK explores, in an objective way, hot topics, complicated issues and not-to-be-ignored trends related to modern infrastructure development.

In addition to the printed publication, a THINK Web site,, includes an online version of the publication and a tool for readers to submit comments and exchange ideas.

THINK provides a forum to consider the past, the present and most importantly — the future. “Our nation must become more efficient, more creative, quicker and smarter to flourish in this century. The platform for America’s success will be our infrastructure,” said Ed McSpedon, PE, a member of HNTB’s board of directors and chairman of the publication’s editorial advisory board. “HNTB is dedicated to igniting a thoughtful and important dialogue about the future of our infrastructure and the challenges we face as we engineer, design, build and preserve it.”

Every article will combine facts and perspectives that will illuminate the issues America faces in managing and renewing its infrastructure from financing to design, construction to security and technology to politics. In this issue, The Arrival of Intelligent Infrastructure looks at the intelligent infrastructure concept, why its time has arrived, and how it will affect the development of future infrastructure. Intelligent Levees takes a closer look at the state of this system today.

THINK is geared toward elected and appointed officials, national and trade media and other external audiences, as well as HNTB clients, partners and employees.

The HNTB Companies is an employee-owned organization of infrastructure firms. The three operating companies of HNTB Companies include HNTB Corporation, a transportation, engineering, planning and construction management firm; HNTB Architecture Inc., whose design professionals provide services to the buildings market; and HNTB Federal Services Corporation, which provides federal-sector clients diverse infrastructure services. The HNTB Companies employ more than 3,400 people in more than 60 offices nationwide.

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