HISTORY’s Blockbuster Shows Top the Charts with New Sub-Genres

HISTORY TV18 continued its dream run this week with a stellar performance across board. Besides leading viewership numbers in key markets, four of HISTORY TV18’s primetime shows feature in the top 10 shows of the genre.

Invention Intervention : 3rd top rated show with 0.17 TVR,Digging for the Truth: 4th top rated show with 0.15 TVR,Pawn Stars : 6th top rated show with 0.14 TVR and Last Woman Standing: 9th top rated show with 0.13 TVR

What’s interesting to note is that each of these shows belongs to a different sub-genre within Factual Entertainment, which is indicative of HISTORY TV18’s promise of having differentiated & a variety of programming through superlative content. While ‘Invention Intervention’ features innovative product ideas, ‘Digging For Truth’ unearths famous archeological mysteries. ‘Pawn Stars’ showcases a family running ‘pawn’ shop while ‘Last Woman Standing’ brings to fore an exciting clash of civilizations featuring 5 western athletes competing with native tribes. The success of other sub-genres is a noteworthy point particularly because over the last few years the Factual Entertainment genre has been dominated by a heavy dose of ‘survival’ based shows.

Moreover, this also indicates audience preference for variety & differentiated content, values that have formed the bed-rock of HISTORY’s novel programming approach. This coupled with the fact that HISTORY TV18’s continues to lead the genre in Time Spent per Viewer, highlighting stickiness towards its varied content.

The channel which created history by becoming the leader in the factual entertainment genre in 6 metros market cluster continued its domination with an average 31% market share vis-à-vis Discovery’s 28% and Nat Geo’s 15%, while strengthening its position in the 1Mn+ markets. HISTORY TV18’s launch has also helped grow the genre by an unprecedented 60%.

All these points underscore HISTORY TV18’s dominant position, shaking-up the genre through pioneering innovation.

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