HISTORY TV18’ launches new show 'Digging for the Truth'

New Delhi: HISTORY TV18’ is back again with an exciting new show titled “Digging for the Truth”. Host Hunter Ellis, archaeologist Kara Cooney, and military & diving expert Charles Ingram, come together on a mission to unravel some of the civilization’s most puzzling mysteries.

Each episode will showcase beautiful works of art which has been created centuries ago. Whether it is Mummies of the Clouds or God’s Gold, viewers would be intrigued to learn the secrets behind creating one of the amazing architectures of the world.

Digging for the Truth show delves into the pre-historic era and searches for answers to the most enigmatic mysteries of ancient civilizations. With the help of theories and latest technologies, host Hunter Ellis, travels to some of the remote and physically challenging locations like The Hunley – New Revelations (a forty-foot submarine, armed with a primitive torpedo), Kings of the Stone Age (Carved from single boulders of basalt), to rediscover one of the greatest creations carved in the stone age period.

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