History Channel to unwrap the real story of Christmas

Mumbai:Christmas – the birth day of Jesus Christ – is a beautiful
religious festival that brings out the best in everyone – whether you
are a Christian or not. In addition to being a sacred religious
festival, it is also a universal cultural and commercial phenomenon.

Christmas day’s well known traditions in the 21st century include
exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, singing carols, waiting
for Santa Claus to arrive, But the roots of Christmas has a different
story to retell..

Earlier, Christmas was both a day of prayer and festival of drunken
revelry. Rowdy medieval carolers begged for food and drink, threatening
to throw rocks through the windows of those who refuse, and more! The
History of Christmas is packed with controversies as many of the
seemingly innocent customs of Christmas has evolved from strange to
surprising to disturbing beginnings.

In line with the upcoming Christmas festival, History Channel unveils a
special one off series – “The real story of Christmas” that aims to
extract the actual story behind it and shed some little twinkling lights
on the nitty-gritty reality of Christmas’ past.

Enjoy the holiday season as History Channel unwraps the real story of Christmas.

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