History channel to air '60 hours' show on Mumbai attacks

Mumbai: Recounting the events that led to the blast of the real story – 26/11, History channel will unfold the devastating Mumbai attacks with two special shows under 26/11 umbrella.

The first show ‘60 hours’ will present an inside view of the horrendous attacks that occurred in the heart of the city. The second show “Lest We forget” will unravel the journey of love, pain and compassion of the survivors who lost their loved ones during 26/ 11 attacks.

60 hours is a blow by blow, chronological account of the 26/11 attack on Mumbai captured by news cameras and CCTV footage. Ajmal Kasab (the only attacker who was captured alive) narrates step-by-step account of the bombings, which was pre-planned to strew the city. Lest We Forget is a collection of emotional stories of anguish, despair and courage of the relatives whose loved one got victimized in the dreadful attack. It presents one-on-one interviews with the relatives of the 26/11 victims. Lest We Forget is a tribute to the spirit of Mumbai & India.

Tune in to History on 26.11.11 and watch the premiere of 60 hours @ 9pm and Lest We forget @ 10pm.

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