Hindustan Times , Google launch election website

In a special tie-up that empowers the Indian voter like never before, HT Media Limited and Google India have launched what can only be described as the ultimate election website (hindustantimes.com/loksabha2009) . This new initiative makes use of Google’s cutting-edge technology to enable voters to study and analyse their candidates and the constituencies in which they vote. Voters also get instant access to quality news reports and analysis brought by hindustantimes.com.

At the election website, voters can confirm their voter registration status, discover their polling location, view their constituency on a map, catch up with relevant election-related news, blogs, videos, and quotations, follow development work in their constituency, and go through data relating to their current and potential representatives in parliament.

“The collaboration between hindustantimes.com and Google is very exciting; it is a perfect match where our content generation and extensive coverage of the elections is complemented by Google’s cutting-edge technology,” said Hindustan Times Editor in Chief Sanjoy Narayan.

Describing the tie-up “a beautiful and meaningful relationship, which hopes to create energy around voting,” Google India Managing Director Shailesh Rao says, “Our (Google’s) hope is to see people voting out of self-interest. Being an informed voter is a prerequisite for the healthy functioning of democracy.”

The election website is targeting the youth — keeping in mind, that this time the 18 to 35 age group makes for almost 40 per cent of the electorate.

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