Hindustan Times becomes Mumbai's No 2 English broadsheet

The Hindustan Times has become Mumbai’s No 2 English broadsheet with an average issue readership (AIR) of 5.92 lakh and a lead of 17,000 over DNA, according to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) data released on Thursday.

The IRS data for the third quarter of 2010 released by the Media Research Users Council shows DNA’s AIR has declined 5.1% to 5.75 lakh while that of HT, the only daily to have registered growth in 8 out of the last 9 IRS rounds, rose by 5.1%. AIR reflects the actual daily readership of a newspaper, which is the accepted measure of its regular readership, as opposed to total readership (TR), which includes infrequent readership. Times of India remained No 1 in Mumbai with a readership of 15.59 lakh.

HT’s readership gain in Mumbai is reflected across all segments, more so among the affluent and the educated, who comprise social-economic categories (SEC) A and AB. HT has also surged ahead as the No 2 choice among the city’s youth (those in the 12-29 age group).

The Hindustan Times’s solus readership, that is, the number of those who only read Hindustan Times, has gone up to 3.62 lakh. This number constitutes 61% of our readership and reflects HT’s strong bond with its readers in these times of media proliferation.

Across India, too, Hindustan Times continued to show growth – its average issue readership nationally now stands at 35.17 lakh. In Delhi, HT retained its position as the undisputed leader for the third successive round, with an AIR of 19.14 lakh and a total readership of 27.16 lakh.

In Chandigarh, HT with an AIR of 85,000 has emerged as the No 2 English daily. The HT Media group’s Hindi daily, Hindustan, saw its readership grow by 7 % in all its “markets.

Mint, the business paper from the HT Media group, has further consolidated its No 2 position.

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