Hindi Daily Dainik Bhaskar launches ‘Jal Hai to Kal Hai’ initiative

Dainik Bhaskar, India’s leading Hindi daily on Friday launched ‘Jal Hai to Kal Hai’ , an innovative water conservation initiative in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh . The initiative has been strategically launched on a day when the Government of Madhya Pradesh is starting pre-declared water cuts in the city of Bhopal for one whole day as a wake-up call for its citizens.

Says Abhilash Khandekar, State Editor, DB Corp Ltd, “As we celebrate 50 years of the Bhopal edition, it is all the more imperative to wake our readers to the cause of water conservation on which Dainik Bhaskar has led a crusade in the past many years. Via this initiative, our target is to alarm and warn the citizens of Bhopal towards the impending crisis and take them out of the indolence and inertia that is usually seen in the masses towards environmental causes.”

With a dearth of rains and almost no water reserve left, the city of Bhopal is facing an imminent water crisis with water reserves left just for 80 more days in the upper lake. Bhaskar’s initiative through its thought-provoking activities aims to stir up the people of Bhopal into taking determined steps to face the impending water crisis. Urging people to be more responsible, the Bhaskar initiative reiterates the fact that every single conscientious individual can be a catalyst for a greater change in the society and the immediate future.

Dainik Bhaskar has taken up a responsibility to make the citizens of Bhopal realize that if Bhopal has to tide over this phase, each person in Bhopal will have to adapt the ZIDD of saving water and using it efficiently, and then only, they can change their Duniya. After all ZIDD KARO DUNIYA BADLO is the only alternative left for Bhopal citizens to tide over this glooming water crises.

Says Rajiv Jaitly, President, Sales & Marketing, DB Corp Ltd, “Water conservation is a cause dear to Bhaskar; we have been working at it for the last 8-9 years. In the past two years elaborate print and reader interaction campaigns have been run to create awareness on this issue and encourage responsibility to save water amongst the readers. In the same context, Jal Satyagraha Pratikriya and Jal Satyagraha Jalsena were run in 2007 and early 2008 respectively. This quarter, we decided we needed to do something that has a shock value and creates a deep impact on the citizens; hence we decided to do these on-ground activities. I am sure, we will be able to communicate the gravity of the situation and motivate the people to take the necessary steps to save their city and the planet.”

On the first day of the initiative (also the day of the water cut), The Bhaskar teams enacted street plays in various parts of the city. Bhaskar team members’ half-shaved, half-bathed, enacted scenarios of a world without water and requested the residents of each locality to conserve water. The team members also walked around with placards with the message with the message ‘Socho, Kal pani nahin hoga to kya hoga?’

The streets plays clearly stirred the emotions of the people around. Some of the local residents also took an impromptu pledge to save water and promised to ‘educate’ everyone in their family and their neighborhoods. In a heartwarming move, few ladies from a locality promised to join hands and carry on the mission.

The first days’ initiative will be followed by, the JAL SENA initiative on the second day. The JAL SENA initiative will comprise of volunteer kids who will travel door-to-door in various societies to thank the elders for their cooperation in water conservation. In addition to this, the Bhaskar teams in the city will visit societies and ask residents to undertake a pledge to use water wisely. The Bhaskar teams in the city will also visit local schools to educate the children on the importance of saving water. Other similar activities will be organized throughout the week.

These on-ground activities will be supported by talk shows on radio and helpline to answers any queries on water conservation.

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