Heritage Media Announces Indian endeavours

Heritage Media Corporation has announced that it has reported significant progress in its India endeavours. Specific prime sites have been secured for the placement of LED video billboards, and the Company is preparing to ship digital displays for installation in India within the next 45 days.

CEO John Manolescu commented, “These are exciting times for us. We have labored long and hard to get to the point where we are now managing the logistics of entering robust international markets on two continents. We know the vast potential of the markets we will be serving, and our team intends to make the most of what will likely be many promising opportunities.”

Heritage Media Corporation has already secured initial sites in Africa for the placement of LED video billboards. To facilitate the Company’s reach into the African market, an operating company has been formed, Screen Giant International Africa. Heritage/Screen Giant personnel will be visiting the new sites within the next month for the purpose of assessing the immediate opportunities and identifying the best locations for the first Screen Giant Africa digital displays.

Heritage Media Corporation intends to establish a global network presence in order to maximize the reach and value of its outdoor video advertising services.

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