HDFC Standard Life unveils a new campaign

Mumbai: HDFC Standard Life, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, today announced the launch of its new marketing campaign.

Announcing the launch, Sanjay Tripathy, Executive Vice President & Head – Marketing, HDFC Standard Life said, “Though life insurance is ideally meant to secure one’s family’s future in the event of an unfortunate incident, it is still largely a one-time purchase and that too for the wrong reasons. According to an internal research, it was observed that only 65% of the population has some form of insurance with close to 81% of them having a single policy only. The study further reveals that on an average, individuals in the family are often insured for as little as 3.5 lakh of life cover, a sum that is grossly inadequate and clearly a pittance in today’s day and age to sustain a family, should something unfortunate happen. This fact also definitely supports the claim that Indians pay one of the lowest insurance premiums in the whole world and subsequently have a very low coverage.”

As one of the leading life insurance companies, HDFC Standard Life decided to do something about it. “We’ve created and nurtured ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’, a unique emotion close to the heart of every Indian, for several years. Having successfully differentiated ourselves through memorable and innovative brand and product campaigns, HDFC Standard Life continues to enjoy very high brand equity amongst the consumers. Our brand awareness and consideration scores is one of the highest in the private life insurance space. An internal study conducted by us across several cities also brought out the fact when given the appropriate trigger, realisation dawned upon consumers and they quoted a life cover figure several times higher than the one they currently had put aside for their families in case of any contingency. Hence, our quest was for a simple idea that would urge people to look at insurance in a new light. And get them to do proper financial planning for themselves and their families, thus being well prepared for the future”, added Mr. Tripathy.

K.V. Sridhar ,National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, said, “After extensive research, we stumbled upon the insight that people tend to worry more about their family when they’re travelling and ensure that they provide for their family’s needs for as long as they’re away. And we wondered, what if we were to make people think of life in the same way as they would when they’re travelling.”

The campaign that sprouted from this idea sees two friends talking to each other, laid over, one of them travelling out of town on work. It’s very real, honest conversation that, effortlessly brings about the realization, that to really ensure complete financial security of one’s family forever, one needs to plan today – a thought articulated as “Kal Ki Socho, Sar Utha Ke Jiyo” in a powerful surround campaign. There are some unique things about this campaign. It manages to address the issue of life insurance and uncertainty in a very light hearted manner and yet delivers the message effectively. At the same time, retains the core essence of the brand i.e. ‘Self Respect’ & ‘Financial Independence’.

HDFC Standard Life’s new life insurance campaign has been conceptualized and scripted by Leo Burnett and directed by Anand Iyer from Ramesh Deo Productions.

The company plans to take its new campaign through different platforms and intensify the brand experience. Apart from television, this film will be supported by other mediums such as print, radio, OOH, Internet, mobile, and on-ground initiatives.

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